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The world of Artilux is for the sophisticated – the discerning who has an appreciation for quality living and an eye for aesthetics.
In our book, a life well lived is one in which comfort, wellness and design sustainability is provided.

Elevating the Everyday with Smarter Living

Customise and control your lighting experience anytime, anywhere with a smart lighting system. With a touch on a mobile application, one can easily switch between daylight and warm light. Lighting settings can also be personalised to automate lighting according to the time of the day or weather.

Cabinetry Lighting

Elevate your interior with cabinetry lighting. From LED linear profiles to recessed lighting and miniature lighting systems, there is a plethora of sleek and modern options to choose from.



Guide to Cabinetry Lighting

Cabinetry lighting is a functional interior element often overlooked in kitchens, closets and cabinets. We often find in kitchens that shadows are cast on the countertop as a result of…

The Why of Human-Centric Lighting

Modern life, with its insistence on blending what was once separate, means work, study, and living have inevitably converged into a common space. As we navigate the future of work…

The Art of Choosing Light

The artful balance of architecture and lighting plays an essential role in creating a well-balanced living. While lighting was first only intended to lit up a space, its role has…